Chimney Repair

Over time, Western New York weather patterns deteriorate masonry structures. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to keep your chimney in good working condition. Chimneys only get serviced once there’s a problem. We specialize in chimney repair, chimney restoration, and chimney rebuilds.
At Mr. Fix It, we specialize in solving chimney problems, big or small.

Chimney Rebuild

We have experience in handling difficult and delicate chimney rebuilds in Rochester, NY. There are various reasons you might need your chimney rebuilt. Each chimney rebuild is different because each home is different.

When a chimney is severely damaged due to water damage, settling of the foundation, etc., it may be required to be rebuilt. However, loose or deteriorating bricks, stones, and mortar can also be dangerous. The debris can fall from the chimney and damage surrounding structures, vehicles, and landscaping.  Chimneys can cause water leaks in your house causing damage to the interior of the chimney and your house.

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Chimney Repair in Rochester NY